rite a 10- to 15- page double-spaced page final paper that MUST include the following:

First-person writing (I, me) that blends objective details with reflexive reactions
A variety of concrete and vivid images and details that involve the reader interspersed throughout the paper
A cool title that expresses something about your subculture or field site
An introduction that draws the reader into your paper
Writing that shows your readers the field site rather than tells them about it
Conversation summaries, quotes from informants, insider terms, stories, jokes, slogans, etc. that contribute to the overall picture you are creating interspersed throughout the paper
A logical organization scheme that helps your readers understand your field site and your angle on it
Information from a variety of interviews, as well as books, periodicals, and Internet resources interspersed throughout the paper
An outsider or disagreeing viewpoint or opinion
Proper in-text citation of books, periodicals, and Internet resources to triangulateyour study of the subculture.
A conclusion that ties together all the aspects of your paper and experience
A “References” page that lists all sources you used in your paper.

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This paper must be typed. It must have one-inch margins, and 12-point style. It should make use of a title, paragraphs, transitions, standard grammar, appropriate word usage, and correct spelling. If you have questions about the final paper, please contact me.


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