Student’s Must Read Books

In our generation, gadgets and technologies have increased, and because of that many of us change their likes and the way we enjoy our free time. Because of gadgets and technologies many of us now are spend less time in reading. Good afternoon, I here speaking in front of you to tell what can you get through reading books. “A room without books is like a body without a soul” a hero, a martyr, and great writer named Jose Racial in his early time of his life. Reading books is one of his building blocks. If I were knew Racal’s family had their own library on their house.
He grab that opportunity to read many books and learn something that some other Filipino doesn’t know. That’s why in his early of age he was enlighten and inspired to help his countrymen. He read books and he made books and he is now the well known great Filipino hero. You see, the key to success is to have some knowledge, knowledge that will help us to be a better person. There are lots of different books that can help us or make us become smarter and better like encyclopedia, where we can get some information that would help us to define or to answer our questions.
And dictionaries here we can learn different kinds of languages in order for us to communicate to others like foreigners. “So many books, so little time” these generation that we live now is the generation where we students are too lazy on reading books. When we have assignments and projects we Just surf on the internet and find the words we needed to; and then ‘WALL EH” we Just copy and paste. We people doesn’t learn on a copy paste technique it’s Just tolerate us to become lazy and ignorant, sorry for the word but it is the reality, we have many information that is already written and the only thing that e should do is to read it.

But what? We are Just ignoring the books, and hide it on the shelves and continue playing video games, or to watch some entertainment. We are Just wasting our time focusing on the thing that is not beneficial to us. Reading books helps our vocabulary become broader. It sharpens our mind to think critically wise and it can widen one’s imagination and also it can develop our verbal abilities. You wanted to be smart? Remarkable? Start making some action start on reading books of information and share what you have learned in that order others may inspire too


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