Student Discussion Response

Week 1 – Discussion 1 (AL-JUMAILY)Julia Al-Jumaily 2/22/2017 5:17:18 PM
Topic: Does Social Media Enhance or Hinder Interpersonal Relationships
Argument 1Social Media can enhance relationshipsPremise 1:Relationship awareness on Facebook (conveyed through posting one’s relationship status as “being in a relationship”, posting pictures with one’s partner, and posting updates including or about one’s partner) displays a mediator of the relationship between authenticity and relationship quality.Premise 2:Business relationships can be formed and/or strengthened through professional platforms such as LinkedIn.Conclusion:Social Media can be useful in enhancing relationships.Argument 2Social Medical can hinder relationshipsPremise 1:Social Media can set relationships up for failure. Many couples only post about the good times in their relationship and keep the “dirty laundry” private. Thusly, giving a false reality of the true relationship. When others see this misperceived “perfect” relationship they start to question their own relationships, thinking theirs is less than perfect. The altered reality leads couples to break up to look for that perfect relationship, which in reality doesn’t exist.Premise2:Social Media can make a spouse or partner feel jealous over seemingly innocent interactions with the opposite sex of your partner.Conclusion:Social Media can hinder the quality of relationships.Argument 1 Explanation:Social media has many benefits in the personal and professional world. The usefulness of the platform comes back to the user.Argument 2 Explanation:Social media can be the demise of a relationship. He can lead to jealousy, which leads to arguments between couples.Compare the Arguments:Social Media is a double-edged sword. The individual user of Social Media needs to be mindful of what their postings and interactions represent.References:Love online: How relationship awareness on Facebook relates to relationship quality among college students. Psychology Of Popular Media Culture, 5(3), 203-216. doi:10.1037/ppm0000067

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