Strategic KPI’s for TBL in Sales and Marketing Memo

SWOT Analyses From Sales and Marketing Strengths Weaknesses Sales  Hi gh referra l ra te from exi s ti ng cus tomers to thei r fri ends  I dea ti on for new progra ms frequentl y conducted wi th empl oyees  Ongoi ng i mpl ementa ti on of empl oyee l ea rni ng a nd growth  Li mi ted reta i l network for redempti on of l oya l ty rewa rds /poi nts  Hi gh turnover of s a l es tea m  Communi ca ti on of new products not s trea ml i ned  Li mi ted di vers i ty of ma rket s egments Marketing  Hi gh retenti on of exi s ti ng cus tomers / members hi ps  Hi gh uti l i za ti on of a l l members hi p progra ms  Hi gh cus tomer s a ti s fa cti on a mong exi s ti ng members  Zero wa i t ti me for cus tomer s ervi ce  Annua l bra nd a na l ys is /res ea rch  Sl ow devel opment of di gi ta l content crea ti on/pos ti ng  Low enga gement of cus tomers through s oci a l medi a  Low bra nd i m a ge of l oya l ty progra m wi th potenti a l cus tomers  Hi gh turnover of ma rketi ng tea m  La ck of focus on di vers i ty i n compa ny a nd wi th cons umer groups Opportunities Threats Sales  Ca ptures new ma rket s egments tha t ha ve previ ous l y not a dopted bra nd  Seeks s tra tegi c pa rtners hi ps to i mprove l oya l ty poi nts redempti on opti ons  Expl ores communi ty -ba s ed orga ni za ti ons tha t i denti fy wi th di vers e cons umer groups  I denti fi es new product devel opment opportuni ti es for di vers e cons umer groups  Expl ores s uppl i ers for s us ta inable pa cka gi ng for products  I ncrea s ed s ha rehol der des i re to i nves t i n di vers e compa ni es  I ncrea s ed pres s ure from s ha rehol ders to i ncrea s e di vers i ty i n workforce  I ncrea s i ng cos t of a dmi ni s teri ng poi nts for l oya lty progra ms  I ndus try pres s uri ng c ompa ni es to us e pos t -cons umer recycl ed pl a s ti cs  I ncrea s ed col l a bora tion of cons umer products compa ni es Marketing  Hos ts focus groups wi th di vers e cons umer groups for product i nput  Devel ops ca us e -rel a ted ma rketi ng l oya l ty progra m for poi nts redempti on opti ons  Redes i gns a l l ma rketi ng us i ng gl oba l l oya l ty ma rketi ng a gency  I ndus try l ea der/competi tor i ncrea s i ng i ts focus on di vers i ty i n ma rketi ng/s oci a l medi a  Trend towa rds decrea s ed e nvi ronmenta l i mpa ct of cons umer products  I ncrea s ed cons umer des i re to s ee compa ni es focus ed on phi l a nthropy

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Strategic KPI’s for TBL in Sales and Marketing Memo
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