STEM, Robots, Codes, and Maker’s Spaces Overview AssignmentInstructions

STEM, Robots, Codes, and Maker’s Spaces are increasingly seen as ubiquitous with the educational experience in classrooms. In this assignment, you will explore each of these 4 topics from the perspective of your own local context, examining significance, barriers, practices, and implications for teaching and learning.

Using the provided STEM, Robots, Codes, and Maker’s Spaces Overview Template, for each of the 4, using knowledge gleaned from current scholarly articles (published within the last 5 years), provide a brief overview and then discuss ethical considerations and best practices for their integration in classroom instruction. Then, checking local libraries, school websites, universities, or other community resources, identify what is available near you, answering each of the following questions in a paragraph or two and providing links to more information where available:

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STEM, Robots, Codes, and Maker’s Spaces Overview AssignmentInstructions
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Why is it significant?

What are the downside or barriers and how might these be overcome?

Where is it going in the future?

Include a minimum of 2 references for scholarly works per topic (at least 8 total). Follow current APA style. Save your file with the following naming convention: Last-First initial-STEM-730

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