Special Education/Advocacy Paper

Part I: Identify a legal or ethical issue (relative to diversity and/or inclusion) that impacts service delivery for students with special needs. Use information from the internet, educational journals and/or your own experience to identify this issue. you may also contact the appropriate advocacy or service organization to gather current information regarding the identified issue. Advocacy groups might include (CEC – Council for Exceptional Children), (ARC – Association for Retarded Citizens), (NMHSEC – National Mental Health and Special Education Coalition). etc…Next, write a brief paper (using APA style) that clearly identifies the issue, discuss why and how it impacts service delivery for students with disabilities. If you have personal experience with the issue describe it in the paper. Clearly indicate your stand on the issue. Next, identify the agency that can address the issue. Part II: Write an explanation of the issue and your concerns about it (address this correspondence to the agency).


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