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Professional Networking: A Study on the Effectiveness of Networking in Finding Jobs


Student’s Individual submission

Talar Keshishian



LSP800 – Applied Research Methodology

Winter 2020

Submitted to 

Dr. Rama Srivastava 


We all collaborated together in order to complete the project, where each of us applied their unique experience and idea in order to complete the project successfully.

The following are the areas which I contributed in:

  1. I contributed in writing the literature review part.
  2. I contributed in writing the introductions for the report.
  3. I contributed by collecting data from the students.
  4. I contributed by assisting in grammar checking for the report (Edit & Review).
  5. I contributed by assisting to find the best resources for the research.
  6. I contributed by assisting in choosing the interview questions (Questionnaires).
  7. I contributed by assisting in writing the Objectives and significance of the study.
  8. I contributed by assisting in finding the research topic for our project.


There are various reasons stated by people concerning their desire to seek a good job. Some have said that the only way out in seeking an efficient job in the world now is by securing a connection and network with the people you studied with in colleges or seeking online networks established by the government to help its citizens to seek job. Through this school of thought, numerous discussions have been established whether networking really assist the job seekers to obtain the jobs they seek in their respective areas of specialization. Indeed, research has it that networking has assisted some people to secure their dream jobs which some people don’t believe it does. It thus point out that networking is important in keeping graduates together after school besides helping them secure a job.

Significance of professional networking

Professional networking ought to be made one of the compulsory ventures for every graduate after college. It is not about helping them secure job. It just entails a lot that people need to understand. One of the main reasons why people should seek professional networking is because it also provides individuals with an opportunity to exchange ideas on what they know (Vakil & Kasmi, 2017). It has assisted some to stop seeking job and be job creators for others, something that the government has been encouraging for ages.

Alternatively, it has opened opportunities for people to be identified and recommended to other companies. It thus shows how significant it is to some individuals who do not have god fathers who can help them acquire jobs. By the virtue of being in a known professional network people have been able to get a job through recommendations they get from their colleagues.

It is such avenues that people also get an opportunity to improve their creativity intellectually as they opt to explore new opportunities (Vakil & Kasmi, 2017). It can therefore be concluded that these networks help people to identify new opportunities, growth in status, maintains relationships, ideas, build confidence and esteems and thus must be encouraged and recommended to many people is eradication of an employment is a major priority of a government.

Results and discussions on professional networking

There are numerous contributions made concerning the viability and effectiveness of networking in job seeking. It has generated a lot of debates and discussions that makes it mandatory to consider the results and dome of the interesting discussions it has brought forth. It is proven that in a group of five persons two of them in employment got a job through networks. What does this show? Networking is effective. Some claim that they got better ideas to start something else which has helped them some others something that they couldn’t do without the interactions they had with other individuals. People have also confessed that after school they lose contact with their colleagues, something that can be prevented through networks. It has assisted some to maintain their relationships, grow their status, intelligence through the ideas shared, increase their knowledge about life and improve their self-esteem (Vakil & Kasmi, 2017). If these all are the results of professional networks, why should the government encourage all job seekers to register with one to avoid tar-marking for long.

The most interesting discussions people have about professional networks are how they function. Others claim it is purely for interactions after college. Others believe even with it, one must have a god father to assist them secure a job. Again, some say that it is something that exists only for those seeking professional jobs and the employed. It is a notion that is not true since it helps even those in the lowest sectors who thinks they need to seek their employment physically (Carmack & Heiss, 2018).

Alternatively, it is argued that professional networking is for the educated who understand technology. Research on the contrary has it that it is something that does not necessarily needs technology since through pals people who are not digital can understand what others might be aware of after watching or reading it from the internet. It is thus something that is open and for everyone. Those who like debating still hold on the notion that it is something meant for the educated and career seekers.

Finding about professional networking

It is for the job seekers only. Some people claim that they do not know about networking. It is very stage at this moment that everything is digitalized. It is all about being aggressive to get a job of one’s’ choice or better by connecting with others who might have heard of an opening in that faculty. The finding about professional networking that seems appealing that people should know is how it works. It is never complicated. One just need to provide their qualification documents and contacts them wait for their areas of expertise to be advertised for them to go for such interviews and send their documents (Carmack & Heiss, 2018). It is thus simple. It is to make people aware of the jobs existing, requirements and their locations.

It has also been found that professional networks are best for mature people who know what they want. In the past it had failed where some of the colleagues fail to assist their fellows in finding a job because of immaturity or disagreements held back from school. It is something that ought to help all irrespective of the relationships status that they once had.

Suggestion to improve the research

The research conducted concerning the professional networks in seeking a job was conducted in a specific manner that limited the outcome and finding thus making it biased. To make the research objective and effective, the following commendations are made:

  • The population sample for the research should not be only be the educated o students and the employed only. It should comprise of everyone in the society; educated or uneducated, employed or unemployed. It prevents unnecessary biasness.
  • Networking is not only for the educated or job seekers for seeking employment, but also for education and socialization hence should be for everyone. It should be open for all not just students and the employed.
  • The sampling method should be random rather than being selective on specific individuals in the society. To make it effective random sampling should be used.
  • It is only limited to a specific locality yet it is something that affect a large number of individuals worldwide. The location sample was biased hence should be made to fit a global objective.
  • When opting for the best professional network, the first step should be identifying the best network that seems suitable and comfortable to an individual.
  • One should also learn to be consistent and do several follow ups to succeed or know the best networking program suitable of them.
  • Networking has rules that must be followed hence when one is looking for a job in a professional network platform; the job seekers should not go direct asking of a job but athe should abide by the rules given therein.
  • The graphical representation used in data presentation was not the best, improving the data would need other modern data representation like the use of pie charts and line graphs.


Vakil, N. R., & Kasmi, Z. (2017). Social Networking: Advantages, Disadvantages and its use in Job Hunting. International Journal5(1).

Carmack, H. J., & Heiss, S. N. (2018). Using the Theory of Planned Behavior to Predict College Students’ Intent to Use LinkedIn for Job Searches and Professional Networking. Communication Studies69(2), 145-160.


Vakil, N. R., & Kasmi, Z. (2017). Social Networking: Advantages, Disadvantages and its use in Job Hunting. International Journal5(1).

Carmack, H. J., & Heiss, S. N. (2018). Using the Theory of Planned Behavior to Predict College Students’ Intent to Use LinkedIn for Job Searches and Professional Networking. Communication Studies69(2), 145-160.

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