social and behavior in public health

The 3 pages should be single spaced, Times New Roman size 12, 1-inch margins. The assignments are below:•Extra Credit 1. Watch Dr. Edberg’s webinar on qualitative methods and write a 1/2 page summary of the presentation and 1/2 page about how qualitative methods can be applied to your group’s selected topic. Details on accessing the webinar can be found on the Blackboard Announcement page.•Extra Credit 2. Among the five theories listed below, select one and find a peer-reviewed paper that uses this theory in some way to design or evaluate an intervention. Submit a one-pager with 1/2 page summary of the peer-reviewed paper and 1/2 page critique about how the theory was applied. •Extra Credit 3. Same as Extra Credit 2, but with a different theory from the list of options. The 5 theories to choose from for options 2&3 are: TPB, SCT, Social support theory, HBM, and TTM.

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social and behavior in public health
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