SOC 352

Blog #2 (due Wednesday): Post your blog following the directions below (35 points possible) Peer Feedback (due Friday): 2 comments to peers’ blogs (5 points possible)
The goal of this blog post is to analyze a social problem at your community level, and devise a summary plan for making social change, which should include statistics from the U.S. Census FactFinder website and connections to at least 3 major concepts from the Massey text that fit with your summary plan.Locate community-level data as evidence of a social problem in your hometown, current city where you live, or another city that you would like to explore by going to the U.S. Census American Factfinder and enter the city or zip code in to the search box: In at least 400 words write your blog following the steps outlined below and submit to the Blog #2 – Community Change forum. Carefully review the blog guidelines and grading rubric before you begin. Examples of social problem topics are included in the guidelines on the course menu.

Introduce your topic and the community of your choice. Give a description of the social problem, and include the statistics to provide significance of the problem. Why is it necessary to make changes? (Paraphrase and cite Massey where appropriate, no quotations!)
Lay out a plan for change. How do you see the best course of action for making changes? What specifically do you think needs to be done? What do you think will be difficult to overcome, and what can we do about it? Are there organizations already helping, and what would be most helpful? (Paraphrase and cite Massey where appropriate, no quotations!)
Provide a conclusion that wraps up your summary and plan and provide ideas for future involvement. (Paraphrase and cite Massey where appropriate, no quotations!)
You are encouraged to add images to your blog post such as photos, graphs, or other visuals that help make your points.
Be sure to include a link to your American FactFinder data in your blog post and cite your sources from the week’s materials.

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Click on the Blog #2 link and simply select “Create Thread” to submit your blog by Wednesday. You are then required to post at least 2 follow-up responses to your peers due no later than Friday at 11:59pm. Note, you will not be able to view other group members’ blogs until you post your own.
For peer responses, focus on giving feedback on what other connections to the course materials the blog could make. 


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