Since starting this journey, my mentee has really opened up and started to show more effort in reaching her goals

Since starting this journey, my mentee has really opened up and started to show more effort in reaching her goals. She had a short-term to start school and she has finally signed up for a class. She is a shy person but through our talks and a recent lunch date, we were able to connect on a different level and talk about personal strides. I realized that taking our conversations outside of the uniform allowed her to be more talkative. Another short-term goal was to start her weight loss journey and through this, we have both benefited through the fitness program she initiated within our command along with several other Sailors. The positive impact on the mentee’s professional development is explicit, whether it is guidance in getting Chartered, help with stepping into a new role, or identifying and acquiring new skills(Cleaver, 2016). Through this journey, I have learned the value and the importance of my role as a mentor because of the greater impact. My mentor feels that she is becoming a better person and understands that we are in this as a team. I feel that mentorship does not stop when the goals are met because a relationship has been formed.

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Since starting this journey, my mentee has really opened up and started to show more effort in reaching her goals
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   I totally agree with your statement and would like to add that strategies or changing the direction of your plan provide better results for the mentee and the mentee performance as mentee can rectify their mistakes during the process and can also work hard to cope with new strategies and direction. it can also gather more information and enhance his knowledge, also change in direction and strategies allow mentee to adjust themself and work in all types of environments. they can learn to adjust according to an environment which in turn can increase their performance (Hart,2013).

When new strategies are added to the plan it can provide better changes in the performance of the mentee. Then changes imposed will be as per the need of the organization. Through making changes in the plan as per the requirement of the organization, the mentee can reach their goals effectively and hence can improve their performance. Thanks for sharing .



Hart, E. W. (2013, June 19). Seven Ways To Be An Effective Mentor. Retrieved from ccl.html#4f0037523fd3

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