Signposts in Research

150 minimum each discussion topic…

Discussion 1

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Signposts in Research
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Signposts in Research

Signposts are words or phrases that alert the reader to the intent of your writing so that they understand and to ensure that they are not lost in your writing. In what ways can the research questions and hypothesis be considered signposts in research? How would you use signposts in fire and emergency services research and writing to connect with your audience?

Discussion 2

Quantitative Hypotheses

You are the fire chief of a medium-size city that has seen moderate growth over the past 5 years. You have been tasked by the city manager with conducting a study to determine if a new fire station is needed on the east side of the city. As part of your research, you plan to evaluate response (travel) times for calls for service over the past 5 years and compare those to national standards as well as to a neighboring community of comparable size. Provide an example of a null hypothesis and a minimum of two alternative hypotheses for a quantitative research study you might design. Why would these hypotheses be effective in your quantitative study?

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