Significance of 2 chosen songs, their history, and their impact on rock and roll as a whole

This assignment consists of two essay questions that are based on the material you’ve learned in the course. Each question should consist of at least 500 words and should be written in APA format.1. At the beginning of the course, you were asked to pick your favorite song or a song that is particularly meaningful to you:Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight (Reason, my father was in a Clapton cover band before he passed away, and it was the first song I learned to play on guitar when they needed a rhythm guitar backup player)-Research the song thoroughly – you may have to do some reading in our textbook to learn a little more about the period in which this song was recorded and the group or artist performed it.  -In your essay, identify who wrote the music and the lyrics. If members of the band didn’t write the song, identify who wrote the song and if there is any significance to the identity of the writer(s). -Describe the style of the artists who perform on the recording and what category of rock and roll you would use to classify this song. -And as I have asked you to do all term, discuss the significance or importance of the song and how it fits into the big picture of Rock and Roll history. 2.  Choose a contemporary rock song from between the years 1990 – 2010. Analyze the song according to the following criteria:-Social/political context-Who wrote it, and any significance to that -Musical influences on the band (preferably classic rock linked)-Musical styles and the influences that shaped the style of the song. In your essays, identify your song choice; include a link to either a recording of the song or a video of the song, and discuss why you chose the song. Include in text citations to the songs and any other research used. Then discuss each of the above criteria.


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