Should the Congress Raised the Driving Limited to 21?

Should Congress raise the driving limit to 21?
The legal driving age has been a constant debate and every few years another log is thrown onto the fire. Should we really raise the legal age to drive? Would it save lives? Today the driving age is 17 or even younger. In my opinion, it should be raised at least to 21 it could be a good idea to raise the driving age because young drivers are the main cause of road death and injuries. Also, young drivers drink and drive at the same time. If the driving age is 21 deaths would happen and roads would be safer. What do you think should it be raised in this essay I would tell you why it should be raised to age 21. The highest death rate for drivers is between the age of 17. Although 4. 4% of drivers are under the age of 25, they will cause 13% of fatal crashes People aged 16-19 holding a license was at 41% then went down to 26% Also 16-19 years old per 100,000 driving licenses had risen from 9. 76 death to 19. 23 deaths. People taking driving tests being taken is on increase. It often teenagers driving late at night when most accidents occur.
According to the survey accomplished in 2005, twelve teens from sixteen to nineteen years old died every day from motor vehicle accidents. Around 6,000 teenage drivers are killed in auto accidents each year. They are four times more likely to be killed in car accidents than any other age group. Some good news would be that it will reduce obesity. Driving encourages the population to become lazy and obese if you cant drive it will be forced to walk instead of being in the car and getting bigger. That is not the case many teens get busy these are three main distractions: visual (taking one’s eyes off the road), manual (taking one’s hands off the wheel), and (takings one’s mind away from the driving task) decisions and not taking seriously. In conclusion, it should be raised not safe. A lot of people died each year and the causes are teens are being on their cellphone… etc Altogether it could be good to raise the driving age to 21 because the roads would be safer and 21 years old are more mature than 17 years old. The death rate would decrease and the road would safer.


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