Should college athletes be paid

This is an argumentative essay. I am against them being paid. The paper will need 3 reasons for them not being paid which I have included the main points I would cover. There also needs to be 1 counter argument section which I have not chosen. This is my thesis statement that needs to be included, “Should or shouldn’t college athletes be paid? For me, I believe that they should not be. With the tuition and scholarships they receive, they are already being paid, paying them could completely change the college sports landscape benefiting only the very high profile schools, sports, and athletes.”The three main reasons are “Tuition and scholarships are payment””Would change College sports landscape” and “Only benefit High profile schools and athletes”.If tweaks or other changes are needed to made that is fine as long as these man points and my thesis are generally kept to and used. Thank You.

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Should college athletes be paid
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