Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

Peterkin Anyanwu

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Short-Term and Long-Term Goals
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Grand Canyon University

Dr. Onyn-Emi Eserifa

June 2, 2021

Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

It becomes easy to identify what must be accomplished by conducting the needs assessment to reach the projected goals. Using needs assessment is essential in decision making, resource allocation, and ultimately achieving the goal (O’Donnell, n.d.). Some ways to set proper goals include having a specific purpose that will help define what you are working to achieve rather than just a generalized goal. The plan being developed must be measurable by having a specific timeframe for achieving the target and a method of determining whether you have reached them. The set goal should not be a negative one. It should be what you want and not what you do not wish to. You must also have an action for every goal and be flexible when working with the goals just in case you get impended with barriers along the way. For instance, if a problematic situation arises, you should be able to modify your goal accordingly.

The first short-term goal developed from the needs assessment is creating a morning routine. This is important in getting disciplined to align the daily schedules of the day one is about to face. Some of the steps are, waking up by 6.00 AM, having morning exercise, and having a healthy breakfast to build a good morning routine. When someone goes through these simple habits, harmony is created in life, becoming more productive.

The second goal is to double the daily productivity level. Anyone who dreams of excelling in their professional or long-term educational purposes should begin to set things to be done on time. This goal will be achieved by doubling one’s productivity using task management software. My mentee chose the nTask software. This is because it can be tough to create a do list on a piece of paper in the current world, and sometimes remembering schedules can be complicated if one is involved in complex activities. If you achieve improved productivity day by day, you will be ahead of your team. This goal requires somehow strict routines, and therefore coaching is recommended.

Another goal identified is to try something new every day. This will require you to have a sense of adventure and be spontaneous. The ideas may involve; learning a new skill and new words and using them during your conversation. When you master this goal, your brain will be trained to master new ideas faster and with ease and even keeping away disorders such as Alzheimer’s (Taskmanager, n.d.).

The fourth goal is to develop one new habit every month. Good habits are known to dictate one’s daily life activities. This because actions are controlled by practices developed over some time. They are influential in driving one’s thoughts and actions, and therefore it will require coaching to learning how to achieve this goal.

Another goal that is related to the fourth goal is to drop a single lousy habit every month. This requires self-assessment to identify what bad habits one has and a well-worked-out plan to drop at least one every month. This goal will also need coaching to ensure that there is a proper method of identification.

Long-term goals take a long time of up to two or even five years. They offer a better way for one to step towards their future. The first example of a long-term goal identified was completing the bachelor’s degree in four years. This goal pushes one to put up their maximum college work potentials to finish in the stipulated goal timeframe.

The second goal was to gain a leadership position. Leadership experience is essential regardless of the type of field one goes into. Having a goal to have leadership experience in the school organization, for instance, being a club head or secretary, help achieve the scope of leadership and go beyond just acquiring a degree.


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