Servant Leadership

Literature Review: Annotated Bibliography and Outline The student will submit an Annotated Bibliography of at least 15 references (in current APA format, with a cover page and abstract) that he or she plans on using for the research. Each reference must include a summary, analysis, and assessment. The student will also submit a detailed outline of at least 3 pages in current APA format. Literature Review: Final Submission The student will research and write a 2,700–3,000-word Literature Review in current APA format that focuses on a topic relevant to the contemporary issues and practices of leadership and management. The paper must include at least 15 references in addition to the course textbooks and the Bible, with no more than 15% direct quotations. It must be submitted to SafeAssign for a plagiarism check. Textbooks: Satterlee, Organization Management and Leadership (2013). Dees, Resilient Leaders (2013).

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Servant Leadership
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