Selected country: United Kingdom (PowerPoint)

T4: Cultural Differences and Role in Leadership

  • Compare how the United States differs from the selected country on Hofstede’s six dimensions of culture.
  • Explain how your knowledge of these differences would influence you as a global leader if you were doing business in the selected country.
  • Explain the challenges and opportunities associated with leading in the selected country.

T5: Communication and Negotiations

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Selected country: United Kingdom (PowerPoint)
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  • Using the selected country, summarize the cultural, societal, and religious values and the effect on cross-cultural communication with the United States.
  • Examine the role of verbal and nonverbal communication in cross-cultural communication in the selected country compared to the United States.
  • Explain how you would apply knowledge of verbal and nonverbal communication to foster effective cross-cultural communication in a negotiation with a firm in the United States.


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