Select an ethical issue

Step 1: Select an ethical issue from the list below (or a topic of your choice) that is of interest to you. Animal Rights Camera Phones and Public Privacy Advertising to Children Medical Ethics: Stem Cell Research E-mail privacy at work Medical Ethics: Organ Transplant Lists Genetically Modified Food Production in Sweatshops Abortion Euthanasia Capital Punishment Cultural Issues: Bribery Sports Issues: Steroids Gun Control Step 2: Research your topic from both sides (point/counterpoint) of the issue. Gather as much information as you can to support the claims you plan to present for each perspective. Background information on issue (could include origin, statistics, cause & effect, reasons for debate, etc.) Claims ~ statement of problems and challenges for each side Evidence ~ examples from each side of the issue (based on research/theories) Provide two PRO arguments FOR the issue Provide two CON arguments AGAINST the issue

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Select an ethical issue
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