select an article that is about research and theory on criminal justice theory

 For this assignment, you will select an article that is about research and theory on criminal justice theory. The article may be one of your choice; however, it must focus on a criminal justice theory, be peer-reviewed, and be published within the past 4 years in a scholarly journal. After selecting the article, you will provide a summary and an analysis. Additionally, you will discuss how this could be applied and its possible impact. The summary of the article should include the following components

  • the research problem,
  • the criminal justice theory and how the article relates the theory to the problem,
  • an overview of relevant research that the author(s) used to make his/her/their case,
  • the research design and whether it was appropriate,
  • how the author(s) will gather the data, and
  • variables (such as the dependent and independent).

The critique of the article should include the following components: 

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select an article that is about research and theory on criminal justice theory
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  • findings of the article,
  • why the information is significant and how the research enhances our knowledge of the theory,
  • future directions of research as identified by the author(s),
  • any suggestions for future research or revisions to the article, and
  • how this could be applied in a city/county/state and its possible impact.

This completed case study must be at least five pages in length, not counting the title page and reference page. The paper should follow APA guidelines to include in-text citations, references, and appropriate headings and subheadings.

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