Segment: Care Workers

Company name: Panion, this company provides care workers to the clients and act as a mediator and worked on the commission basis. 

Segment: Care Workers

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Segment: Care Workers
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Demographic: Toronto and Canada as a whole

•       Customer Profile (jobs, gains, pains). Customer segmentation. Target customers. 

•       Marketing channels for the first campaign. Explain which channels do you recommend and why. Support your answers with the result of your research. 

•       Revenue model for the first year (Sales and how did you come up with these sales). 

•       Competitive Analysis (at least 2 competitors).

•       SWOT analysis. How do you suggest to fight against threats, how can you recommend to benefit from opportunities. How do you advise to decrease weaknesses and use strengths. 

•       Recommendations for the business. This is a replacement for the conclusion. It is a very important part where you should provide consultation for the company’s next steps and support it with your arguments.


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