Segment: Care Workers

Company name: Panion, this company provides care workers to the clients and act as a mediator and worked on the commission basis.

Segment: Care Workers

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Segment: Care Workers
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Demographic: Toronto and Canada as a whole

The scope of the project:

  • Customer profile analysis (depends on the segment the team selects) – what do they want in a platform like ours, what do they love/hate about their daily activities (for care workers), what do they want to see change? Value proposition fit (is our value proposition valuable to them?). This part might require you to build a Customer Map (as a part of Value Proposition Canvas) to better explain the segment you have selected.
  • Customer preference analysis: requirements/recommendations for our User Interface and User Experience
  • SWOT analysis and a short conclusion for it.
  • Competitive analysis
  • Current market size and market trends
  • Channels: suggestions for product promotion.
  • Final recommendations (that can cover any part of the business, not only anything mentioned above)

Detail instructions:

  • The paper should be maximum 10 pages, 1 page for Executive summary (plus maximum 5 pages appendices) double space in length, cover page, table of contents, and references.
  • You need to follow APA citation and standard. Generally, it will require you to critically analyze the current environment, company´s strengths and weaknesses and a section on your recommendations. Examples include but are not limited to:
  • PPT of the research.
  • Customer Profile (jobs, gains, pains). Customer segmentation. Target customers.
  • Marketing channels for the first campaign. Explain which channels do you recommend and why. Support your answers with the result of your research.
  • Revenue model for the first year (Sales and how did you come up with these sales).
  • Competitive Analysis (at least 2 competitors).
  • SWOT analysis. How do you suggest to fight against threats, how can you recommend to benefit from opportunities. How do you advise to decrease weaknesses and use strengths.
  • Recommendations for the business. This is a replacement for the conclusion. It is a very important part where you should provide consultation for the company’s next steps and support it with your arguments.

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