School Nutrition

Regulations and Government Agency1. PowerPoint Presentation:a. Research Regulations and Government Resources located on theAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) website and the Association for Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals (ANFP) websiteb. Investigate one (1) government agency from the ANFP and AND website. Research the following information to include in your PowerPoint: Describe the purpose of the agency and who it regulates (Long-term care, Acute Care, School Nutrition, etc.). Is it National, State, or Local? Explain if the agency addresses any of the noncompliance issues on nutritional status (review NFMNT Chapter 17 and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for regulatory revisions, survey expectations and changing evidence-based expectations).c. After researching, submit the topic to the RD, CDM, preceptor, or supervised practice instructor for approval. d. Present a creative and informative 15-20-minute PowerPoint from the research you completed on the regulations and government agency topic of your choice to a group or peers (PowerPoint should be at least 10 slides, but no more than 15 slides plus 1 reference slide).e. Summarize your experience of PowerPoint presentation and research. In the report discuss and include the following: (1) audience reception (2) highlights of presentation (3) possible improvements of presentation (4) any constructive feedback from RD, CDM, preceptor, supervised practice instructor and peers (250+ words).f. Submit completed Oral Presentation Evaluation form.

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School Nutrition
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