Riverbend Baghdad Burning: Women in Iraq

I will pay for the following article Riverbend Baghdad Burning: Women in Iraq. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. She recalls a situation whereby her family jumped out of bed to send emails and to wash clothes in the center of the night when the electricity is briefly reinstated. Interspersed with these stunning snapshots from the daily life is what Riverbend is trying to analyze. From the elusive working of the Governing Council of Iraqi to the Abu Ghraib torture, from the coverage provided by Al-Jazeera to the American media. Riverbend focuses on the fate of women whose freedom and rights have fallen victim to the intensifying fundamentalism in a messy postwar society.

Primarily, Riverbend stresses on the dangers that were experienced by the Iraq women after the US interference in the Iraq war. In her blog, Riverbend tries to express the primary chauvinisms that are experienced by the typical Iraq citizens, especially from a woman perspective. She recalls various versions of women chauvinisms including culture, government agencies including the Iraq Governing Council, US Troops among others. Riverbend starts by mentioning that war has been a way of life in Iraq for the last thirty years, both internal wars and wars with neighbors, in particular, the Iran Islamic revolution. She continues by mentioning that, what made things worse was the interference of the United States. During this period of the Iraq war, Riverbend pinpoint considerable courage that was shown by women especially during the gulf war period (River, 2003). Her message is not only courageous but inspiring to the audience. This piece is a significant portrayal of the situation at the particular time.

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Riverbend Baghdad Burning: Women in Iraq
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In more than one situation, Riverbend uses authorities to emphasize the severity of the situation in Iraq and especially in Bagdad. According to Riverbend, the Iraq authority is compromised. She mentions that the police did not have a great impact in dealing with issues relating to the various tortures that were experienced by women.

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