Risk Management Subsection

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Option two is based on a physical product

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Risk Management Subsection
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You’re going to create a project that has a physical type of outcome. You might be opening a new store, building a house, or manufacturing a widget. Again, that international component, manufacturing base; it’s something tangible versus a service component. Many students struggle with the international component, but it’s not that difficult. It could be that some of your supplies are coming across the waters, or you’re working with a vendor that’s getting supplies or doing some consulting, or there’s just some international component to it. It does not have to be an international project just has to have an international component. It could be staff resources, and part of them are in Dublin. Whatever the case may be, you just need an international component. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the whole thing needs to be an international project. You’re going to build your capstone project from all the milestone assignments. We’re high on Turnitin and making sure that it is 3% below everybody knows how it works.

Do’s and Don’t

Choose your project carefully!Is it too big? Do you need to take that project and make it smaller?Ignore the feedback. If you see a 1, it means I’m trying to get your attention.
Create the artifacts first BEFORE you start writing the narrative.Wait until the last moment to revise. There will be limited opportunities.
Pay attention to what’s required and what’s optional.Rush, this is a marathon, not a sprint.
Communicate! If something comes up, let’s talk sooner than later.

The next thing to do is create your ARTIFACTS before you start writing the narrative. Your artifacts will be all those things and the tools you’ve learned about in all your previous courses. For example, the stakeholder analysis, stakeholder register, the budget, the Gantt chart, the project charter statement of work, all those artifacts do those first. If you write them first, it’s easier for you to summarize what you’ve done in those things. So going back to the example, if I’ve got a work breakdown structure with seven phases, it’s easier for me to write, hey, we’ve got 7 phases in the work breakdown structure because I’m looking at the work breakdown structure. People have tried to do it the other way, and some get through it. Still, over the last ten years, I think my experience tells me that if you start with the end in mind going through and writing the front matter, the summary piece of the capstone in the milestones will be so much easier for you to do and less time-consuming. Pay attention to what’s required in each milestone and what’s optional.

Finally, you will see on the milestones and the capstone there’s a page length requirement. The page length only extends to the narrative portion of each assignment. You might be thinking this first one you’ve got to do a project charter, you got a statement of work all those things could be multiple pages, but the Appendix does not count. So, you’re going to put your artifacts in that Appendix. You’re going to summarize your artifacts in the front part, ahead of the references. To meet the page length requirements of the assignment, place all examples, charts, tables, figures, or other project management artifacts (like project charter, WBS, etc.) in the Appendix (after the references) of the assignment.

Don’t reinvent the wheel; there are plenty of examples of how to do the things that we’re asking you to do on the Internet. You can use the templates, don’t just submit an empty template, and say, oh, I’ve met the requirement. For example, if you use a risk register but don’t fill it out for your project, that’s not helpful. We want to see you use the template, don’t just find a template, and submit one that’s blank or has some example information not relevant to the capstone.

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