Risk Assignment

To determine if you have hazards or uncontrolled risk, you will complete a personal risk assessment that is similar to those that are used in business. To complete this task please complete the following:

Identify hazards and risks within your personal life

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Risk Assignment
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Hazards at home


Hazards at work

Type of job/work performed
Working tomorrow

Personal Finance Hazards

Credit Cards
Bank Accounts

Health Hazards

Habits (smoking, excessive eating, etc.)
Fitness Level

Identify actions you have taken to eliminate or control the risks identified in part one of the assignments (be specific as possible).
Conclude your risk assessment with a discussion of how well you are satisfied with your level of risk control as indicated in your responses to part two. If satisfied, why do you feel this way? If not, what more can you do to control identified risks and reduce loss, hazards, injury, or even death?

Please complete the written assignment using complete sentences in paragraph format.
All paragraphs should be indented five spaces, and sentences free from grammatical and spelling errors.
The last page of the assignment should be a reference page in correct APA format which includes at minimum two sources beyond your textbook as a source of information.
The assignment should be five hundred words in length not including the reference page.


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