Rhetorical Essay based upon visual text

Double spaced Rhetorical Situation of your image. Write a 5 to 7 page analysis of the rhetorical situation of your chosen visual text. In an appendix to your paper (before the Works Cited page), include either a copy of your image or a URL where I can access the image. Please use “I’m No Angel”, Lane Bryant’s Ad Campaign (billboard or video). Please attach the visual to the paper. The ads features larger/average women who counter Victoria Secret’s Angel Ads. •Begin this writing with an introduction that provides some background on the text and briefly discusses its importance, significance, history, or popularity. The introduction should end with a thesis statement that asserts the message or purpose you believe the text conveys to a certain audience. •Next, the body of the paper should begin with an analysis of the text’s rhetorical situation, focusing on writer/creator/artist, audience, and topic (the first three elements of a rhetorical situation per Owl at Purdue’s discussion of the Rhetorical Situation).

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Rhetorical Essay based upon visual text
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