Review for the company Netflix

HuluAmazon Prime
Critical Success FactorsWeightRatingScoreRatingScoreRatingScore
Customer Loyalty.
Price Competitiveness.
Service Diversity.
Global Expansion.
Strategic Partnership.
Service Quality.
Brand Awareness.

Above is a matrix (CPM) , competitive profile matrix. This compares Netflix with two other major competitors- Hulu, and Amazon Prime. As you can see with the matrix , Netflix is the clear winner amongst their competitors. Netflix was one of the first streaming services to come out, and be available to customers other than cable. Netflix has a rooted start compared to other streaming services, so the partnerships and customer loyalty have been built for a while. They are offer different languages, and large variety of shows for customers to choose from and some that made just to stream within Netflix. As well newer streaming services did arise, giving Netflix a run for their money, they start to build their own name and gain strengths stronger than Netflix becoming a tough competitor. Hulu, and Amazon prime both are newer compared to Netflix but slowly already building larger strengths than Netflix. As shown above you will see the strengths that each stream has over the other. Each one have a certain flare that the other services may not, partnership is huge. Some have been able to connect with phone services, tv shows, and even movies to premiere on a certain streaming over others. Nonetheless, there will always be a streaming services that illegally steals from all the paying streaming services which is a big downfall. But from the matrix shows Netflix long years seems to have a win over the newer streamers.

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Review for the company Netflix
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