Review 1964 OR 1971 Defence policy

Written Assignment for POLS 3512

Review 1964 OR 1971 Defence policy – note, I have changed the assignment to be easier.. You read only 1 of the defence policies.You may do this with a partner!!

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Review 1964 OR 1971 Defence policy
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Section ->Platoon-> Company-> Battalion->Brigade (mixed functions e.g. infantry + armoured (i.e. tanks) = a “mechanized” brigade) or Regiment (all same function e.g all infrantry)-> Division-> Corps

Section (10 – 15)

Platoon (30 – 45)

Company (150)

Battalion (500 – 600 bc add a headquarters element)

US scales this up by a factor of 2 so US Battalion is usually 1000+. Remember, you don’t just send a “battalion”… the battalion needs a many hundreds of support personnel back in Ottawa to set up contracts, make sure soldiers paid, there is a plan for where to get fuel etc. So when white papers mention “battalions”… keep in mind this is the “teeth” of the commitment but there is a very long “tail” of support personnel needed as well and often forgotten and not costed….

Today, the CAF strives for 63,000 military personnel. (Really, we have 57,000). This provides you a point of reference.

Step 1: Pick one of the White Papers Below

1964 White Paper on Defence

Ignore, completely Section IV. Section V is very important. Skim the others. (II on the history and background is very useful.)


1971 White Paper on Defence

Recommend you might want to read Section II of the 1964 Defence policy even if doing 1971 as it provides excellent background information.

Ignore “The Defence Department” pg. 41 onward.

This assignment is designed for you to:

  1. familiarize yourself with Canadian foreign/defence policy;
  2. execute the proper use and citation of primary and secondary sources; and
  3. improve your writing skills.

You must pick either the 1964 or 1971 and answer the following questions:

  1. What is the state of the global strategic environment?
  2. Who is Canada’s greatest ally?
  3. Which alliances does Canada support?
  4. What are Canada’s defence and security priorities? What about recommendations re: how to secure Canada?
  5. What do the above say about Canada’s influence in the world?

Suggest you use these questions as your HEADERS. This is not an essay. You will answer these questions and only these questions….

The paper is to be organized as follows:

  1. Include a 250 word or less abstract that captures the thrust of your arguments for all 5 questions. Abstract gives me the thrust of all of your arguments such that I should have a really good summary;
  2. A bibliography – will have 2 entries: the defence white paper AND 1 peer reviewed article;
  3. Answer the 5 questions – Max 4 pages.


  1. Use quotes from the White Paper and cite it. (Chicago style)
  2. You must use and cite from 1 PEER-REVIEWED CANADIAN journal that is commenting on the white paper (s). (International Journal or Canadian Foreign Policy Journal are the best) Note our course has many for 1971 in week 10. For 1964, I recommend and I have also posted an article in the rubrics section..
  3. You may cite from tertiary sources but not necessary.

You need to understand the defence policy first. Then you can answer the questions. Use evidence from the defence policy as you guide.

Name of Student_____________________________

White Papers Chosen___________________________

Grading CriteriaAssessmentComments
Abstract• Astute interpretation of white papers• Punchy• accurate summaryExcellent (4 pts)Very Good (3 pts)Satisfactory (2 pts)Needs Improvement (1 pt)
Question 1Threats facing Canada• is your analysis of the threats facing Canada then accurate with reference to policy and peer reviewed article.ExcellentVery GoodSatisfactoryNeeds Improvement(Don’t forget you must quote from defence policy and peer-reviewed source)
Question 2 Allies• do you provide concrete evidence for your argument about Canada’s allies? Might it be easier to identify allies by enemies?ExcellentVery GoodSatisfactoryNeeds ImprovementWhat counts as evidence? From policy is always best.
Question 3 Alliancesdo you provide concrete evidence for your argument about Canada’s support to alliances?ExcellentVery GoodSatisfactoryNeeds Improvement
Question 4 Security priorities and responsesdo you provide concrete evidence for your argument about Canada’s security priorities and responses?ExcellentVery GoodSatisfactoryNeeds Improvement
Question 5 Canada’s role in the world?do you provide concrete evidence for your argument about Canada’s role in the world?ExcellentVery GoodSatisfactoryNeeds Improvement
Clarity and referencing• Paragraphs flow logically• Well-constructed sentences• Free of repetition and/or contradiction• Well proof-read• Consistent referencingExcellentVery GoodSatisfactoryNeeds Improvement
3 references used2 = yes with skill1= yes but plunked in0 = noDo you provide a works cited at the end of your paper? Have you used at least 2 sources? (White paper and a peer-reviewed journal article)
RemindersIs it within 4 pages? (biblio and abstract can be separate)Catchy Title?
Final Grade and Comments: /30 converted /30

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