The Trident Session Long Project (SLP) is not a term paper due at the end of the course. Rather, the SLP acts as a vehicle to give the topics of each module a personal, concrete expression. These modular SLP assignments are due at the end of each module.

Throughout this term you will be looking at how the United States affects the situation in the region discussed in each module.

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So, to begin:

Review the background material. Please answer the following questions in two or three pages and submit by the end of this module.

  1. How was the United States affected by the changes in Eastern Europe that led to the reunification of Germany?
  2. Does a reunified Germany present any particular advantages or challenges to the United States?
  3. Did the United States play any role in the current Korean conflict?
  4. Why would the United States be such an important player in the potential reunification of Korea?

SLP Assignment Expectations

The SLP assignments in POL 201 generally call for a detailed analysis of the involvement of US interests in the nation being studied. In addressing SLP questions, such an analysis requires some historical perspective and a balanced and thorough consideration of that involvement. Be sure to cite all resources and support your answers with references.

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