Response to a NASA critique

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Response to a NASA critique
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Response to a NASA critique

Because NASA is a political entity, we engage in public deliberation about whether NASA ought to exist and what it ought to do. These kinds of deliberations are vital and healthy, and they can help us make better decisions about what to do as a society.

Naturally, not everyone supports NASA, or supports every decision NASA makes. This class has been pretty pro-NASA so far, but it is important to recognize the dissenters. Many people make valid and thought-provoking arguments that NASA should either stop funding space exploration or do it much differently than they do it now. Even within NASA, different groups have debate about which projects deserve funding and how to advance our exploration of space.

To complete the discussion, write a response to the article within a range of 300-400 words. You can disagree, agree, or partially agree with the writer’s argument. Nuanced responses are encouraged. Write your response as though you were addressing it to the author of the original piece. Make sure to offer strong, evidence-based responses to their claims. Make sure to write respectfully, even if you disagree with the author.

Link here: com/technology/2021/03/mars-colonization-is-already-happening.html” rel=”noreferrer noopener” target=”_blank”>

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