Response paper on a short passage with MLA Format

I have a response paper due on a short passage called “Always Living in Spanish” by Marjorie Agosin. My professor is a very hard grader and  I need a good grade on this response paper to pass the class. In the paper she gave us she asked us a question regarding the passage and she wants us to answer it. The question is “What reasons does Agosin give for writing in Spanish?”

“1.The first paragraph starts with a clear topic sentence, followed by supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence. The topic sentence refers to the author and the title of the reading; it also answers the question without using the authors exact words. The first paragraph directly, effectively, and clearly answers the question using a minimum of three quotes from the passage, each directly related to the prompt. Each quotation is effectively and smoothly incorperated into the writing by referring to the authors name or the title of the reading.

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Response paper on a short passage with MLA Format
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2. The second paragraph could either be your own opinion, supported by a reasoned arguement (assertion + concrete evidence/examples) or it could be a paragraph in which conclusions are drawn and connections with the real world are made. This paragraph should not soley reply on personal experience; it should establish connections with related readings and/or include relevant research. This paragraph should focus on a single idea, supported by examples or reasons. The writer writes in third person, does not use second person, and uses  present tense when referring to what the author says.”


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