Respond with at least 150 words and reference.

The article I researched has a bit of a differing tone to the technology-mediated communication, but more illustrates parent to their adult-children relationship with staying in-touch. There are several hints of how different tools do impact interpersonal dynamics in the workplace. There are tools such as online chats through several different companies such as Zoom or Slack, also there are Google provided products to offer gchat much like messenger from Facebook. The impacts of these tools are illustrated from the article that could be suggested similar with the workplace such as the article sharing how parents are recommended to send messages rather than a personal call (Gellman, 2013). This would suggest that the workplace must maintain productivity and reduce distractions and loud conversations and through online chats, this provides more privacy without having to stop production altogether. Another impact that could take place is loss of association. Often we are nowadays more prone to answering and responding through texts and chats versus phone calls or even emails. Our current market and workforce has increased with haste and busy-ness with little time for breaks or even timeouts to talk in person. Often most employees multitask while maintaining conversations on the side.

The benefits to these types of tools could be used to compact efficiency by getting more done in shorter time and upping results for the overall organization. The challenges could be getting back to the basics with body language, eye contact, even posture with proper communication verbally or in meetings. The challenge now with COVID-19 suggests that almost all communication especially meetings now requires to be virtual. For conscious leadership to make an attempt to balance will be difficult. Some in-person meetings can be warranted under following CDC guidelines and in my opinion encouraged. We are still people that are naturally social and do rejuvenate through social interaction. This maintains social and mental health as well as motivating so not to feel completely isolated.

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Respond with at least 150 words and reference.
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Gellman, Lindsay (07/31/2013). “Mom, Stop Calling, I’ll Test You All Day.”. The Wall Street Journal. Eastern edition (0099-9660), 262 (26), D1.

Griffin, R.W., Phillips, J.M., & Gully, S.M. (2020). Organizational Behavior: Managing People and Organizations (13th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage.


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