respond to one or more of the items below:

  • Did you enjoy the readings this week?
  • Which story did you like the most? Why?
  • Did you have trouble reading Hawthorne’s story? Was it worth the effort?
  • What connections did you see with the stories this week and those you read for Learning Module 1?
  • Why do you think the epiphany is so important in Carver and Baldwin?
  • Do you relate on a personal level to any of the stories that we’ve read this week?
  • Do you think that there’s any hope for Sonny in Baldwin’s story?
  • If you could see into their future, what do you think will happen to the characters in “Sonny’s Blues” or “Cathedral?”
  • Are there other interpretations of “Young Goodman Brown?”
  • Have you ever read any of these stories before? What changed for you in this reading?
  • Have you ever witnessed the self-destruction of a friend or family member because of drugs or another vice? How did you feel? Did you try to help or did you step back from the situation?
  • Have you ever had a stereotype or preconceived notion challenged? Explain the situation.
  • Have you ever become disillusioned because you suddenly recognized the flaws in another? Explain. How did this experience change you?

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respond to one or more of the items below:
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