Respond to my classmates response to the question posted below

2. What do you believe the ultimate argument of the novel Frankenstein to be? How can we develop this argument as part of a class in serial killer media? As this is the only novel that we’ll be reading from the 18th century, how does this older work inform the writings that we have thus far read in class?

For me, I think the ultimate argument of the story is that the creature doesn’t feel satisfaction that Victor has died and that he has destroyed his entire family.  I think that this could mirror the other serial killers that we have learned about.  Temporarily, killing brings them some sort of satisfaction, but long term it doesn’t fulfill them and they kill again.  The difference with this story is that the creature feels so sorry for himself that he wants to kill himself, which is not what we have seen in our other stories.

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Respond to my classmates response to the question posted below
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