Respond to each classmate with 100 words or more

This is the question they had to answer. 

Prompt: Provide at least two examples of daily ethical decisions within organizations. Explain each example and comment on the associated decision-making processes.

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Respond to each classmate with 100 words or more
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Classmate 1 

Ethical decisions are made daily in any organization. These decisions have a direct impact on the consumers as well as the employees of the organization. The first example of a common ethical decision is how much to pay employees. This decision will have impacts on how much this will cost the company, what kind of employees are hired by the company, the retention rate of employees, and the approval of customers. When companies choose to pay employees more, they obviously take a hit on their bottom line. They could possibly lose money and have to lay those same employees off simply because the company cannot afford to keep them. But, paying employees well can be a very positive thing for the company. For example, if a company decides to pay their employees fifteen dollars an hour rather than nine dollars an hour, these employees will be a lot more joyful at work. Also, more people would want the job, therefore the company can choose the best candidates. This also helps the company keep employees and not have to constantly train new ones which costs a lot of money. 

The second ethical decision made daily is harassment in the workplace. Harassment can be mental, physical, or sexual. These things seemingly happen all the time at many companies. This can be employee to employee or boss to employee. Harassment is obviously unacceptable but it seems as if it is not always handled or prevented correctly. It is important that the company has clear policies in place that prevent these issues. Also, if these issues are not prevented there needs to be clear wording on what happens to the harasser as well as the person being harrassed. There needs to be steep disciplinary action if this takes place. 

Classmate 2 

Daily Ethical decision making include enabling various safety practices within the organizational environment and maintaining a safe work environment also necessary to make that environment employee-friendly and ethical, any organization should implement necessary decisions related to safety issues, here, various safety issues can be prevented by Introducing various safe working practices, by introducing safety training for employees, further, various work hazards should be identified, an employee should be aware of the effects of each hazard, they should take their part in controlling such work hazards, further, each employee should use PPE types of equipment to protect themselves from any unsafe conditions, thus, we should be more aware of the safety issues and necessary actions to be taken to make the work environment more safe and ethical. Another ethical decision like every organization should make their stakeholder informed and aware about the data, that Organization is collecting from them and then storing, doing various analysis, and used that data for selling purpose, here, any kind of data collection should be guided by taking permission from each stakeholder, further, Organization should ensure that keeping customer’s data safe and secured, they should not share such data with an inappropriate party, thus, they should take the entire process much ethically and support the data collection process more securely, so, customer should feel  safe after sharing their private data, the organization should also monitor for any issues like data crime, hacking, etc. The organization should implement a diversified work environment, here, they should not employ anyone based on discrimination, rather each employee should be treated equally, they should create various diversification program which will build an employee-friendly environment and employees can gain their relationship with other employees, further, productivity can be gained with such diversification approach, as Organization keep their focus on skill, expertise, and ability of people to perform the job.


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