Respond to each classmate 100 words or more.

This is the question they had to answer. 

Discuss the development of your firm’s code of conduct (this may require research and interviews) and how employees are trained in the corporate code. Would you alter these in any way if you were developing the firm’s code of conduct?

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Respond to each classmate 100 words or more.
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Classmate 1 

The development of my firm’s code of conduct comes from our head coach. The head coach is the boss of the entire organization. With that being said, his rules for how things should be run will always be final. In accordance with the rules of the university,  the Head Coach of the football organization makes rules and regulation to keep his players safe, the staff safe safe, and everyone else within the team safe.  

Things that keep the organization safe are in house conversation, being obedient to the rules and regulation, and helping others in replicating the right kind of character and replicate what that type of career looks like. If you want to be a person to take on things head on, you have to sure you make it with the organizations.  

In house conversations, being professional, being kind and being punctual are the main things that it takes to be successful in this business and that is the main thing.  

Developing the firms code of conduct came from the bosses years at different places. He learned and is still learning. The things that he doesn’t like, he throws out. As growth is brought to the equation the real reasons behind having a code of conduct will grow and everyone will grow as being a part of something for our near future. 

Classmate 2 

Regardless of the organization’s size or whether it is legally mandated to have one, a code of conduct is quite integral. The code of conduct contains the value, and it is an internal guideline and the external statement that guide corporate values and commitments. The COC, as it is sometimes referred to, clarifies the values, mission as well as principles of an organization, hence linking them with the standards of professional conduct (Wentworth, 2018). It acts as a guideline to support the day-to-day decision-making of employees. Externally, the code of conduct enhances compliance, risk mitigation as well as marketing. 

As a bank teller at United Mississippi Bank, the firm has its code of conduct that guides the company’s ethical aspect. It was developed using several steps. Information gathering was the first step, and the committee was requested to come up with ideas of what the code should entail. After this, a draft containing the possible provisions was created by the bank’s legal representatives. The top management then reviewed the draft. This is after it was presented to a group of employees to provide their inputs. After all the provisions were agreed on, the code of conduct was formally adopted. It was then introduced to the employees and enforced accordingly.

Employees attend seminars and workshops organized by the bank to be trained. For instance, they are encouraged to tell fellow employees that their conduct is inappropriate. Additionally, they are encouraged to talk issues out on a person-to-person level before notifying the bank. These teachings are in line with the provisions in the code of conduct. For instance, one provision encompasses the role of employees in the company, in which the bank has clarified their roles.

This essay has looked at the development of the code of conduct of United Mississippi Bank and how employees are trained on the same. It acts as a guideline on how employees are supposed to carry themselves. In case I was developing the firm’s code of conduct, I would not alter any of these provisions.


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