Respond in at least 75 words

  1. HR Management
  • In analyzing the needs of the workforce, work-life balance is high on the list of issues facing both employers and employees. The balance between work and home lives is sought but rarely happens for long because of work-family conflict. This conflict is also linked with some other bad consequences such as stress; absenteeism; burnout; and dissatisfaction with the job, family, and life—all of which can lead to excessive job turnover and the breakup of families. Explain one step that you believe employers could take to assist employees in having a healthy work-life balance and what you do for that same healthy balance between work and personal lives.
  • Please share your thoughts on the course and any suggestions you might have to improve it including comments regarding the assignments, my instruction, and anything else you feel like sharing about the experience. Please note that student comments on this unit are all considered and many suggestions are implemented in course revisions. What assignments from this course aligned with your profession? How can the lessons you have learned positively affect your career success (now or in the future)? Be specific, and discuss how these lessons will enhance your career and workplace success.
  1. Principles of Microeconomics
  • Should the federal government continue to provide Amtrak with subsidies? Provide economic arguments for and against and explain which you believe is soundest based on your understanding of the material we have been covering in class.
  • Choose an area of government spending for public goods (such as health care, Medicaid, etc.) and explain how the application of economic principles could improve its effectiveness and efficiency.
  1. Innovative Business Decision
  • Leadership is a key ingredient to mobilizing and embracing a creative culture. Review leadership theories in Chapter 15 of your eTextbook. Select a leadership theory that you think would be the most effective for mobilizing and embracing a culture of creativity and provide your rationale as to why.
  • Discuss a time when you were a part of a change process for a company you worked for (or when you had to make a personal change). What do you feel was done right, and where do you feel the change process could have been improved? Include at least one principal or theory from the readings in this course to support your improvement suggestion(s).
  1. Organizational Theory & Behavior
  • What do you see as the biggest contributing factor to the success of a leader? Why?
  • Throughout this course, Chantell Cooley, Dayna Fuller, and a few guests shared insights from their experiences within the podcasts. Share one concept or idea that you learned from listening to these discussions and how you can apply it to your future career.
  1. Project Management
  • Consider that you are a project manager for a multinational product development organization. Team members are scattered across the globe. What are some of the communication dissemination issues you might encounter? How would being a global organization affect your communication plan? What could you do, as a project manager, to help ensure good communication practices?
  • Using the industry you are currently in or will be a part of in the future, discuss the types of challenges you foresee encountering as a project manager. Be sure to include both personal and organizational challenges. What will you do to counteract these issues?

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