Respond in 75 words. To the following 10 questions 1. Describe why a manager needs to understand the characteristics and importance of financial markets, including their liquidity, competitiveness, and efficiency.

2. Two investments have an expected life of 5 years. One promises to pay 6% annual interest and the other 10%. Which investment would you select based on the differences in expected rates of return on the two investments? Explain. 3. Within the Unit I Podcast, Chantell, Dayna, and Dr. Rogers discuss how technological improvements have led to an increase in remote workers and ways to connect with remote team members. Do you believe leaders can use the same strategies to connect with remote workers as they would with an onsite team? Why, or why not?4. Within the Unit II Podcast, Chantell, Dayna, and Caroline discuss their experiences with personality tests and the ways they have used them with their teams. Do you believe that personality tests can be used as a bonding tool with employees? Why, or why not? If you have experience with taking personality tests, feel free to include it as a part of your response.5. Think about the six principles of finance covered in this unit. After reviewing each principle, which do you think stands out as the most important and which is the least important? Explain. Would your answer change if you were the stockholder of the company versus the manager of the company? Why, or why not?

6. Part I: In general, most people in the United States invest and save money through financial institutions. These banks are considered a safe place to keep our money and take advantage of interest-bearing accounts. Some insitutions provide more services than others.  Explain these services and why it would impact one’s decision to use one institution over another. 

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Respond in 75 words. To the following 10 questions 1. Describe why a manager needs to understand the characteristics and importance of financial markets, including their liquidity, competitiveness, and efficiency.
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Part II: What is the average percentage of folks in the United States that have Savings?  Is this concerning? Explain why or why not.

7. You now know that you will be engaged in a research project for the rest of this course. Your investment in the outcome of the project often has a good deal of reliance upon the topic about which you choose to write. The more interest you have in your topic, the more you will be driven to learn more about it and to write about it so you want to choose a topic that will hold your interest as you learn about the process of writing a research paper.Use some of the following questions to help shape a reflection about the topic you are considering for your research paper.Think about some of your favorite subjects. What interests you the most? What ideas do you have about a topic? You may want to mention and then briefly explain three ideas that you have, pointing out the topic idea that is most appealing to you.What thoughts do you have about the topic right now (prior to researching it)? What do you expect to find when you research the topic? What do you hope to learn about? What are some of your assumptions right now?

8. You are now engaged in a research project! This can be a very exciting and intimidating process, but you have a great support network to help you.Take just a moment to think about something you have researched in the past, and describe what that experience was like. What did you research? What were your reasons for researching it? What did you find out about the topic and about yourself? Did you find yourself seeking out primary or secondary sources? What kinds of sources did you use? How did you choose your topic, and what was the result of your research?Feel free to choose any experience. You do not have to limit yourself to an academic research topic. You might reflect upon research that you did for your job, or you might want to reflect upon a time that you researched a large purchase, such as a new computer or a car.

9.  Can political and economic risk be managed when investing in another culture? If so, what methods of managing risk would you use? How would you determine the effectiveness of your chosen methods of managing risk?10. Discuss the types of operational conflicts that occur in an international context because of different attitudes toward time, change, material factors, and individualism. Provide two or three examples. 

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