Research Topic and Question Worksheet

Research Topic and Question Worksheet Define the topic area

In a sentence or two, describe your broad topic or area of research:

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Research Topic and Question Worksheet
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The topic that I am potentially thinking about doing research on is standardize testing. In the aspect of research, I want to research on if standardized testing is a good measurement of knowledge for the student as well as the success of the teacher. I choose this topic because as and adolescent that took these tests and I always found that I dreaded them, and I felt that they had little to do with what I learned during the school year. Standardized test are always made a big deal of by the school as well as the teacher which I as a student that heighten my anxiety and in return it made me want to do a good job, however I always have asked myself is this a good measurement?

Describe the problem

In a sentence or two, describe a problem that could be addressed in your topic or area of research:

Do standardized bring unnecessary anxiety and stress to students. My second question would be is standardize testing a good measurement of knowledge and development for students.

Identify possible areas for research

Review some of the current literature on your topic and identify areas that may need additional research. Are there any gaps in current literature? What is unknown or unresolved. Why should it be researched? Note: This is very preliminary research, and you do not need to have a firm grasp on all gaps in the literature. This step is intended for you to begin identifying potential areas to focus on in your research:

Create the research question

Step 1: Brainstorm as many questions as you can think of that relate to your topic:

Step 2: Draft a primary question (this should be one main question that has emerged from the list above):

Step 3: Draft secondary research questions. What information do you need to gather to answer your primary research question?

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