research: the research question:

I need some assistance with these assignment. research: the research question: 2: does juvenile addiction lead to lifelong criminal behavior Thank you in advance for the help! The property crimes done included burglary, larceny-theft, motor theft, arson, forgery and counterfeiting, fraud, embezzlement, possessing stolen property , vandalism, possession of weapons, prostitution an d commercialized vice, sex-related offenses, drug abuse, gambling, offense against family and children, reckless driving under the influence of alcohol, violation of liquor laws, disorderly conduct, vagrancy, curfew and loitering, runaways, and other suspicious offenses age (US Census Bureau, 2012). Race segregated data showed that of those apprehended by authorities, an estimated number of 7.39 million are white, 3.03 million are black, 150,544 are American Indian and Alaskan native, and 123, 656 are Asian Pacific Islander age (US Census Bureau, 2012).

Based on the information, the most alarming amongst this crime is the pervading involvement of youths in drug addiction. This situation deserves to be seriously dealt by authorities and families as the growing number of juvenile delinquents and their behaviours sadly reflect a grim future if they are to assume the role as leaders of their respective families, communities and nation age (US Census Bureau, 2012).

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research: the research question:
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Horowitz, Sung, and Foster (2006) explicated, using collated information, observed experiences and data analysis (Jepsen, Johnsen, Gillman, & Sørensen, 2012) pertaining to the prevalence of drug addiction among juvenile offenders, that treatment were accorded to those under correctional supervision and counselling to improve the behavioural pattern of these arrested offenders.

Horowitz et al. (2006) pointed in their studies that about 78.4 percent (1.9 million) in year 2000 were under alcohol or drugs when crime was committed. or are under the influenced of drugs when they are arrested or were actually involved in drug related crime, or are noted to have substance abuse problems. Horowitz et al.

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