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Technology and Teen’s Mental Health

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Participants of the research

When I was conducting my research, I focus on how technology impacted teens. Most of the teens in the research were aged between twelve to seventeen years old. The teens were composed of both girls and boys from all races. When I was conducting the research, the economic status varies since some of the teens came from a more financially stable economic status when comparing to other teens. From the evaluation, most of the white teens were more financially stable compared to black teens.

When I was researching the participants, most of the teens from more economically stable families had more appealing technological devices that would connect to the internet and tended to focus more on the devices. From the information I collected in the research, most teens below 15 years old tended to focus more on technology than their school work. This made teens with more than 15 years perform better since they focused more on education than technology. (Vincent, 2018)

How I recruited my participants for the research.

I recruited the teens by visiting their homes for data collection. As I visited their homes, I would begin by socializing with their parents, and later I would request them to allow me to conduct my research to their teens who used technology when learning. Most of them allowed me to conduct it with their teen, but others did not consider it positively since it violated privacy policies. Apart from the teens, I went to a teen psychological counselor who gave me detailed information on how the teens were affected by technology.

Why I chose the population for the research.

I chose this population since it was the first time for the population to use technology in learning, and it could be vulnerable to technology. When I was conducting the research, I aimed to check the challenges the population would have and implement a possible solution that would be used in helping the population.

Part 1, “research design”

When I was conducting my research, I used a longitudinal research design. With this method, I set several questions to use when researching my population. Depending on the questions I asked and the responses I got when I was conducting the research, I was able to get a better question that I would ask for the research. With this method, I was able to set simple questions that I would get more information, thus allowing me to get the best suitable answers to facilitate the validity of the research.

With the longitudinal research design, I would also set the most essential questions to make the research brief. With this research design, I would also uncover more information regarding the research since I would get more questions depending on the teen’s information. This would allow me to collect more focused data for the research. (Macek, 2017)

Part 2, “research procedure”

  1. Identifying the research topic

Before conducting the research, I had to search for a topic that would match my research. To identify a research topic, I had to review the course materials, search for issues involved between technology fields, and find the people who were mainly impacted by technology. This allowed me to develop a topic as “technology and teen mental health during the pandemic.”

  1. Identifying the objectives of the research

The main aim of identifying the objectives for the research is that they helped in the process of understanding the target audience for the research. With the objectives, I was able to know what I would be focusing on in the research, and it would allow me to get the possible questions to ask to get the main answer to facilitate the validity of my research. (Reyzenkind, 2017)

  1. Identifying the research questions

The research questions in the research help provide a map to identify and focus on when I was conducting the research. When I searched for the research questions, I had to set the type of research design to conduct smooth and appealing research to the teen. The research questions were an essential part of the data, and they helped me get the most relevant information that I would use in the research. After I identified the research questions, I went through them to ensure they contained the data I required for my research.

  1. Presenting the research questions to the field

The goal of presenting the research questions to the field is to collect information that I would use for the research. When presenting the questions to the field, I had to ensure the questions were presentable not to make the interviewee uncomfortable. If the interviewee was uncomfortable, it could be hard for him to answer the question; thus, he would provide me with an invalid answer which would alter the results of the research

  1. Analyzing the data collected

I conducted data analysis just after I completed conducting the research. Analyzing the data collected allowed me to come with valid results about the research topic. I took more time to make sure all the information collected was in its location before analyzing the research results. After getting the results from the research, I concluded that most of the teen’s mental health was impacted by the technology during the pandemic since they used it for other activities rather than learning.


Vincent, B. W. (2018). Studying trans: recommendations for ethical recruitment and collaboration with transgender participants in academic research. Psychology & Sexuality9(2), 102-116.

Kvitkovičová, L., Umemura, T., & Macek, P. (2017). Roles of attachment relationships in emerging adults’ career decision-making process: A two-year longitudinal research design. Journal of Vocational Behavior101, 119-132.

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