Research Project Part B: Cultural Environment – 50 points (1000-1400 words))

ONLY WORD DOCUMENTS are accepted for this project as TURNITIN cannot evaluate other file formats. (Your score cannot exceed 23% on the originality check, if it does, it will not be graded)

MLA Essay format, include all bibliography and references. Include this sheet as cover sheet. Use Calibri Font 11. (Links to an external site.)

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Research Project Part B: Cultural Environment – 50 points (1000-1400 words))
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Grammar and spelling are part of the grade. Please, use the Writing Center if needed.

Title: Please, include the name of your country, name of the company and the product you have selected as the title

Data Resources: Use only resources that have been validated either by the government, a legitimate industry journal, erudite author, or an educational institution. See Legitimate Resources Guidelines.     DO NOT USE THETEXTBOOK as a reference for this assignment.

Cultural Differences:

Please use these questions to guide the flow of your essay.  The content of your narrative must be substantive:

  1. What is the socio-culture of your country? Define and explain
  2. What are the business and economic implications of the socio-cultural forces of your selected country?
  • Could these socio-cultural values and norms affect the distribution of this product in this country? How?
  1. What is the average workplace environment like in this country, and if you decide to produce your product there, what would the implications be?
  2. Please, be specific as you discuss this issue

Grading Criteria – Research Paper

Introduction — You have clearly developed an effective introduction to your research paper.  The background is set and the thesis statement is clearly defined. Your information is intriguing and inviting

Organization of Ideas –Your ideas are clearly expressed and articulated.  Transitions between paragraphs move the reader easily from one idea to the next. You have accurately analyzed the relationship between the resources,  your ideas  and the topic selected

Synthesis of Ideas  — Socio- Cultural Environment – You have  defined and explained the ocio-culture of the selected country

Synthesis of Ideas  — Cultural Environment – You have clearly identified the cultural issues and implications affecting your country and product of choice as it is exported abroad

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