research paper on womens role in the field of science.

Need an research paper on womens role in the field of science. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. The discourse would likewise present an analysis of the factors which have been supported or refuted in the progress of women in these areas. According to the online article entitled “Women in 19th century America”, the time period manifests a time of three distinct features: change, development, and war. As such, the role of women during that period depended on diverse demographical profiles discussed according to the Native American women, African American women, and White American women. For White American women, further classifications were made distinguishing lower class from upper-class women. For Native American women, for instance, it was explicitly indicated that their role was far different from White American women in terms of the responsibilities expected of them. As disclosed, “Indian woman did all the farming, raised the children, took care of household responsibilities, and performed other odd jobs. The men were mainly responsible for hunting and not much more” (Women in 19th century America par. 4). Likewise, Indian women were reportedly assuming roles that ranged from medicine women, midwives, prophets, and even warriors. As medicine women and midwives, it was apparent that Indian women during the 19th century have already explored the field of science.

The fact was corroborated by Pilato who studied women’s roles as inventors during the 19th century. According to the research, “inventions by women related to war activities, such as a self-inflator for raising sunken vessels, planking for war vessels, a pyrotechnic flare and code

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research paper on womens role in the field of science.
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system, and an ambulance, provide fascinating evidence that women inventors significantly expanded their technological boundaries well outside the domestic parameters” (79). The role of women in sciences has significantly transformed from limited growth and access to tap various resources and opportunities in the 19th century to more freedom to explore in the 21st century. However, though greater number of inventions, discoveries, and opportunities to contribute in the field of sciences are more eminent in contemporary times, the continued disparity in compensation and abilities to achieve higher positions and responsibilities in the organizational ladder as compared to men, somehow manifested constraining abilities to maximize the full potentials for greater professional growth.

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