research paper on psychodynamic psychotherapies.

Need an research paper on psychodynamic psychotherapies. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. The defense mechanisms have been constructed by the Freudian psychoanalytical approach. They were developed to aid in the explanation of a person’s responses to anxiety (Myers, 2001). They have been evolved from their original background to help enlighten being’s coping styles. Individuals are not aware of the operations taking in the mind. therefore they are unconscious. &nbsp.Each individual uses a different set of defense mechanism so they are also individualized. Lastly, every individual makes use of them so they are thought to be normal. But if the use of the defense mechanisms becomes exaggerated than clinical interest arises.


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research paper on psychodynamic psychotherapies.
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The defense mechanism of sublimation is utilized when intentions are either violent or sexual showing the psychoanalytic aspects of Thanatos and libido. They are transmitted towards a non-instinctual course. For example, aggressive temperament may be transmitted towards a more acceptable structure of games.


Regression takes place when an earlier developmental stage reappears for the coping behaviors. For example, throwing a tantrum or crying may be used to deal with a tense experience. These behaviors are usually unacceptable for adults.


Repression is a focal point psychoanalytical approach. It is used when there is very high anxiety deep in the unconscious and which does not affect the activities in the conscious. Items that are repressed may, however, become apparent themselves in slips of the tongue or dreams. They are mostly not present for recall. Instead, it may appear later, unexpectedly. For example, there was a time when I tried to recall the Independence days I had ten years ago but failed to do so. But, a few weeks later, they suddenly hit me while taking a shower. The thought had been repressed because I had been into a major family dispute.

Reaction formation

The defense mechanism reaction formation is unconsciously presenting the total opposite of an individual’s true intentions or motivation. Therefore, when saying “I hate you.” may in actualities mean love instead.

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