research paper on of forensic anthropology

Need an research paper on of forensic anthropology. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

When he arrived nearer, he got shocked to see a carcass with a horrified look and mangled body parts. He had never seen such an ugly scene at the age of 20. He was indecisive on what to do. Soon he decided to reach the town at the earliest possible moment and informed someone at the police station.He knew that in the next 30 minutes or so, it would be completely dark and he may have difficulty locating the place when he comes back with some police authority. He put some big stones surrounding the carcass and made some calculations in his mind so that he has no difficulty in locating the place again.

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research paper on of forensic anthropology
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Hurriedly, he rushed to the police station running about 2 miles at a stretch. He narrated the scene in his local Turkish dialect. Police officer, Dominion Cock, was quite an influential officer in the region. He had been in charge of this region for the last 2 years and ever since he had taken over, the crime rate had gone down remarkably. He was a good administrator by his wits and guts. He was instrumental in sorting out many tiffs between the local tribes. People too respected him for his justly handling of the local issues.

Cock took out his official Ford Bronco steadfastly. He asked Rana, one of his most trusted colleagues, to come along with him. Shepherd boy joined them sitting in the backseat.Soon they arrived at the scene but it was already getting dark. Cock took out his one feet long silver torch and focused on the carcass. Cock soon realized that something ugly had happened in his territory after a long time. He asked Rana to take some photographs. Having seen the decomposed body part, he realized that it will be difficult to identify the victim.

The best thing will be to come with some forensic expert tomorrow after dawn. He understood the gravity of the situation and asked Rana to be there the whole night.Cock knew me as a practicing forensic anthropologist for the last 15 years. I received a call from him requesting me to be at the place for investigation at the earliest possible hours. I decided to proceed to Anatolia as it would take at least 4 hours for me to reach there from Ankara.The next day, in the morning we were at the place.

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