research paper on marketing export: marks and spencer.

Need an research paper on marketing export: marks and spencer. Needs to be 15 pages. Please no plagiarism. By assessing the environmental factors both of the domestic and overseas markets. a company can ascertain its capability to perform successfully on the international stage. It is a prerequisite as it is equally important that a companyassess the nature of the target markets, government import controls as well as the availability of foreign exchange. especially for hard currencies such the US dollar, British pound and Japanese yen before commencing on the exportation(Paliwoda & Thomas 2013, p. 68). In this light, M&S’s operating environment would be assessed to determine the potential that its products have for exportation. The company’s operating environments are two-sided, namely the macro environment and the microenvironment. The macro environment involves external factors over which the company has no direct control but can manage to its advantage. Meanwhile, the microenvironmentincludes the internal factors that the company has direct control over and can easily manipulate for its own benefit (Brady, 2010, 34).

Import/export tariff barriers

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research paper on marketing export: marks and spencer.
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International participation increases the goods in the domestic market that consumers can choose from. This results insuppressing the cost of local goods due to increased competition, providing anincentivefor domestic companies to export their goods abroad. Under such conditions, according to Zentes, et al., (2007, p. 73) a country may decide to control the goods that come into that country in an attempt to influence the domestic market.

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