research paper on how magazine changes the way female shape their self-identity.

Need an research paper on how magazine changes the way female shape their self-identity. Needs to be 13 pages. Please no plagiarism. Identity can be explained as a state of being a particular individual or thing: Identity can be referred to as one’s personality or individuality (Dobson 2012). Magazines play an important role in the establishment of identity especially, among women. “Cosmopolitan magazine both online and offline of Australia (” offers a wide range of information targeting women readers like fashion trends, what to wear, beauty tips for skin and hair, fitness advice like lifestyle and healthy eating, sex advice, sex positions, relationship advice and information about what men want from women.

For instance, fashion magazines are often criticized for portraying lean and thin women models that obviously inspire young women to become to be thin as the fashion models they used to see in such magazines. (Dittmar et al 2009:45). Further, some teen magazines particularly those aimed at young girls who want to become models, and these magazines help them to find out which clothes are considered to be fashionable at a specific point in time and what is expected to be pleasant to wear. Thus, for many young women, those images in the fashion magazines’ acts as a source of information as to what to wear and how to differentiate them from other girls. Thus, magazines play a greater role in shaping the self-identity of females (Kotler 2002). This research essay will discuss in detail with a reflection on the engagement with theoretical concepts of the social interactionist theory about how magazines change the way females shape their self-identity?

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research paper on how magazine changes the way female shape their self-identity.
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Methods In planning my research, I want to use secondary sources to prove my research question as there are plenty of earlier empirical studies were available on the subject. The main objective for the use of secondary resources is that it is not only cost-saving and but also not time-consuming. Further, by using content analysis, we can evaluate the key trends of fashion, sociology, contemporary beliefs of women, women identity and by evaluating the various types of articles published in the Cosmopolitan magazine of Australia which has provided in-depth information to know how articles appearing in the magazines change the way female shape their self-identity.

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