research paper on existentialism and relativism and the diversity between individuals.

Need an research paper on existentialism and relativism and the diversity between individuals. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. Relativism serves as the antagonist of absolutism. These are individuals who perceive every situation in life as having two different perspectives and understanding. Relativism personalities believe that the truth or falsity of a concept is relative to the social context from which the idea is generated. Their idea is that what is true for an age group, social class or tribe, might not be true for the same age group, social class, and tribe in a different setting. They appreciate that there exists diversity in the norms that are upheld by various societies (McLachlan, 2005: pp. 92).

Sartre used existentialism following World War II as a basis for framing political and social issues. Camus on the other hand assisted in the popularization of the philosophy, by focusing on personal freedom and individualism. It served as a justification to challenge the regimes at that time and the administrators and citizens embraced the philosophy as a solace to the frustrations they were encountering from domestic and foreign policies between the 1960s and 1970s (Waugh, 2004: pp. 432).

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research paper on existentialism and relativism and the diversity between individuals.
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In contrast, relativism is associated with traditional modernism and is related to false consciousness. Relativism does not believe that the way things appear is the way they are in reality. These individuals believe that any ideas in the subconscious need to be tested through research. It is only through research and knowledge that one can tell apart the reality from fallacy. Unlike the existentialists who try to understand the events in their life after happening, the relativists expose the events of other people to research and gain knowledge that depicts their future events (McLachlan, 2005: pp. 92).

Existentialists believe in human free will. They believe that religion, law, society, and ethics do not identify an individual. They believe that an individual can define himself if he violates the norms set by society and challenges the preset standards.

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