research paper on engineering techniques for stabilizing landslides. Needs to be 5 pages

Need an research paper on engineering techniques for stabilizing landslides. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Anchoring and restraining are in-place stabilization techniques that tend to limit the susceptibility of sliding without altering the profile of soil. Each of them is discussed below:

This technique involves drainage of the land. In this technique, the suspected land is excavated in order to make room for the drains that are installed to remove excess water from the soil. Once the subsurface drains are laid, the soil is backfilled so as to achieve a stable slope. This technique is frequently employed to restrain the soil movement.

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research paper on engineering techniques for stabilizing landslides. Needs to be 5 pages
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It is not always possible to remove or excavate the soil for laying drainage pipes because of dense construction or limitation of space that renders it impossible to move in the excavation equipment. In such circumstances, in-place stabilization techniques are made use of in order to control land sliding. To achieve in-place stabilization, retaining walls, pilings, and other nailing procedures are used. Retaining walls are supporting cantilever walls that are designed in a way that they can adequately stand the pressure of soil. Their reinforcement adequately takes the moment induced by the lateral loading. Its base resists overturning of the retaining wall as well as sliding.

Drill piers and piles reinforce the soil in order to provide it with added stability because of congestion. They also do not require much space to be drilled in the soil, hence are suitable for areas with limited space.&nbsp.

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