research paper on communication barriers that inhabit the knowledge transfer between universities

Need an research paper on communication barriers that inhabit the knowledge transfer between universities. Needs to be 14 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The barriers to communication should be identified and elaborated of their importance in knowledge sharing. He identified the following differences in educational levels, lack of trust in people, low awareness of the value of possessed knowledge to others, use of hierarchy and status, fear of leaking the information may affect one’s employment, differences in culture or ethnic background and poor communication. Effective communication is important in ensuring the success of knowledge transfer.

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research paper on communication barriers that inhabit the knowledge transfer between universities
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This study will be focused on the communication and its barriers to effective knowledge transfer amongst the universities.The information and knowledge from the universities and other public research institutions in doubt contribute in many ways to technological change and innovation, especially over private sectors. This information needs to be transferred to other institutions to enhance capacity building over the partnering universities. An effective and efficient transfer mechanism of the generated information needs to be put in place.

The emergent of new technology through the use of computers and other devices have enhanced the sharing and transfer of new information generated over the universities. The communication technologies have made it much easier for users of the information to access the information. The communication barriers to the transfer of knowledge have rarely been understood. Therefore many aspects of knowledge transfer will be discussed to allow developing transfer barriers on an empirical and theoretical foundation.

In any learning institution, the excellence of such learning institutions depends on how well knowledge is generated. However, it is important to appreciate the ability of some universities to excel better than others. Sharing knowledge between inter-universities through research and teaching is very crucial to the performances and excellence of students.

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